Venue NCBA&E, Lahore

Date May 25, 2015

Lecture on Leadership, at NCBA&E, Lahore.

Proceedings of lecture by Prof. Aftab Ahmad under the auspices of Character Building Society, NCBA&E, Lahore. Leadership by Professor Aftab Ahmad Consultant & Clinical Director in Diabetes and Endocrinology, Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Sub Dean for Undergraduate Medical Students, Liverpool University. National Lead for Diabetes Strategic Networks, NHS England. North-West Diabetes Lead for Advancing Quality Alliance, UK

The proceedings started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran. Prof. Dr. Munir Ahmad, Rector, NCBA&E and Patron, ISOSS was in chair. Prof. Shamsur Rehman, Incharge Character Building Society and Student Advisor, NCBA&E, introduced Prof. Aftab Ahmad. After the introduction, Prof. Aftab delivered a very comprehensive, thought provoking and expressive lecture on Leadership. A brief account of the lecture is given below:

Professor Aftab Ahmad thanked the ISOSS members and NCBA&E staff, faculty and students for giving him an opportunity to address them on his most favorite topic. He defined Leadership and its Interpersonal Effectiveness. He explained attributes of a Leader, differences between management skills and leadership skills and Leadership styles. A Leader has the ability to influence others, with or without authority and is a person who has a vision and takes people with him/her to achieve the vision s/he has. Leadership is a direct function of three elements viz. Awareness, Ability and Commitment. The Leader must have Guiding vision, Passion, Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Curiosity, Risk, Dedication, Charisma, and listening properties. He explained each one of the characteristic of a Leader. Leadership seeks improvement through change. Leadership has soft skills in Communications, Motivation, Stress Management, Team Building, and in Change Management. He thinks that the recipe for being a Leader is that he/she thinks great thoughts, turns disasters into opportunities & problems into challenges. He/she is not afraid to get his/her hands dirty doing what he/she thinks is right. He/she listens effectively, empowers team members, makes sound and timely decisions.

At the end he thanks the faculty and students and team members of ISOSS for giving him chance to talk to them. The lecture ends with question answers session.

The student Advisor thanks the speaker for his very illustrative and informative lecture and hopes that students must have been motivated by his talk. He also thanks the Rector and Patron of ISOSS for chairing the session.


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